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  • Anne-Marie Mougeot

What to Expect During a Consultation for Breast/Chestfeeding Support

Ever wonder what happens during a breast/chestfeeding consultation? ⁣

Here’s what you can expect:⁣

We’ll chat about your concerns as well as you and your baby’s health history, from conception to birth and your feeding journey thus far. ⁣

A latch assessment at the breast, and/or bottle (depending on how you feed your baby). ⁣

A physical assessment of baby’s head, neck, and body to identify whether restrictions or asymmetries are impacting latch. I also typically conduct a suck assessment with a gloved finger in baby’s mouth so that I can assess sucking pattern, tongue movement, and strength. I’ll also look at their tongue and lips to see if a tongue or lip tie is present. ⁣

Once I have an understanding of what factors might be contributing to the latch and feeding problems, we can chat about some strategies to improve feeds. I love to share videos, resources, and ongoing check-ins to monitor how things are going. ⁣

Osteopathic treatment along with positioning, oral stimulation & suck training exercises, and if required, referral to other pediatric healthcare practitioners are all part of my approach to supporting families ⁣

Questions about osteopathy & lactation support? Send me an email at

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