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Welcome to my practice

I have been practicing osteopathy since 2015 after graduating from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. Since then, I have been working with people with a range of symptoms and have developed a passion for working with people who experience persistent and complex pain and women throughout the perinatal period. 

By using a combination of modern pain science approaches, traditional osteopathic techniques, and exercise therapy, I use an evidence-informed approach to provide pain relief and pain management strategies.

I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management through the College of Occupation & Physical therapy at McGill University among various other professional development courses around women's health, lactation support, and in pediatrics.

Whether you're a new parent recovering from childbirth, are experiencing aches and pains in your daily life, or you're recovering from an injury and maybe have have anxiety and worry about your pain, I'm here to help. I will listen to your story and take a broader look at the various factors that may be impacting your pain or symptoms and will work with you to come up with a plan on how to get you back on track to live your life to it's full extent! 

Our clinic is wheelchair accessible and will do our best to accommodate your individual needs. I am happy to offer my services in both english and french. If there is anything I can do to make your experience more comfortable or to make my services more accessible to you, please let me know. 

Anne-Marie Mougeot, B.Sc. Kin., D.O.M.P.

My Practice: My Practice
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About Anne-Marie

Here is a bit more about me and my journey of what led me to becoming an Osteopathic Practitioner and Lactation Counselor.

I have always had a love of movement  which originated through participating in various forms of dance throughout my childhood. My first job was at the age of 16 where I worked at a physiotherapy clinic as a gym supervisor where I developed a love of being in a clinical environment so I decided to pursue my studies in anatomy and human movement and completed my bachelor's of science in Kinesiology in 2008. Throughout that time, I completed my personal training certification and filled the void that I felt from no longer dancing by teaching fitness & becoming a yoga instructor.

I knew I wanted to learn more and was feeling frustrated with not knowing how to help my clients when they experienced pain while working out, and I decided to further my studies in health and rehabilitation and went on to study Osteopathy.

I graduated from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 2015 after completing the 5-year program and successfully defending my thesis shortly before giving birth to our first son. 

​For more than 10 years, I have gained a wide range of clinical experiences, having worked with people of all ages and with various health conditions, including people who are pregnant and in the postpartum period, babies & children, seniors, people suffering from persistent pain, headaches, and digestive disorders. My passion for this work has brought me travel opportunities to Nicaragua and Peru, where I volunteered for Osteopathy Without Borders.

At the time of starting my practice, very few people know what osteopathy was, and I have, for the most part worked with people who experience complex and persistent pain, have seen many practitioners (including medical specialists) and have ended up seeing me because osteopathy is often the one thing they haven't tried yet. 

Working with these patients has pushed me to better understand some of the complexities around chronic pain and has lead to the development of my passion for pain science and deepening my knowledge about how to best provide chronic pain support since coming into practice. 

I continue to learn and have recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management through McGill University and am an active member of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

I have two active, silly, and wonderful boys and have come to appreciate the beautiful rollercoaster that motherhood is. Having experienced struggles with breastfeeding my first born and finding it difficult to find support has motivated me to provide support to lactating parents who wish to provide their infants breastmilk. I strive to support other parents during this precious and demanding phase of life and love to work with people throughout perinatal period and beyond.

I love getting to know my patients and feel that it is truly a privilege to work in a capacity where I have the time to hear the stories, lived experiences, and perspectives of the people who entrust me with their care.

When I'm not treating or taking courses, I love exploring sea critters at the beach with my little ones and my husband, going on hikes, and enjoying good food. ​

My Practice: About Me



  • Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management, McGill University

  • Diploma in Osteopathy, Manual Practice (D.O.M.P.), Canadian College of Osteopathy (Toronto)
    (5-year in-person program + thesis)

  • B.Sc. Kin (with distinction) University of Saskatchewan

Professional Affiliations

  • ​OsteopathyBC: Professional Member

  • OsteopathyBC Board Member 2018-2021

  • Canadian Federation of Osteopaths, Research Committee Member

Continuing education

  • Breastfeeding for Health Professionals - Douglas College (136 hour course)

  • Cesarian-Birth Informed Healthcare Practitioner - Embodia, Katie Kelly

  • How to Measure and Treat Central Sensitization - Carolyn Vandyken & Dr. Sinead Dufour

  • Non-Internal Introductory Pelvic Health - Pelvic Health Solutions

  • Diastasis Recti Reframed - Antony Lo

  • Biopsychosocial Reframed - Carolyn Vandyken, Reframe Rehab 

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy - Dr. Sinead Dufour, Reframe Rehab

  • STarT Back Online Training - Keele University

  • Gentle Movement & Relaxation Program – Pain BC

  • The Pain Foundations Course Series - Pain BC

  • Collège des Études Ostéopathiques, Montreal Symposium: 

    Osteopathic treatment of women: hormonal health, fertility, during the pre- and postnatal period.

  • Canadian College of Osteopathy Founders Day: 

    Osteopathic care of the mother during pregnancy and after miscarriage.

  • Canadian College of Osteopathy Founders Day: 

    Still Technique

  • Hatha Yoga Instructor 200hr YTT

  • CSEP Personal Trainer

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