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  • Anne-Marie Mougeot

Foot Love

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Today, we are going to kick off our first Mobility Monday by giving our feet a wonderful ball massage, with the goal of getting some more movement at the various joints.

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You may want to start by using a softer ball, such as a tennis ball, or if you prefer to feel it more deeply, you can use a harder ball, such as a squash ball. Sitting down will take some of the load off of your foot if this is feeling too intense, or you can try standing up while rolling your foot on the ball, which will place more weight onto your foot.

Method: Roll along the long arch of your foot, from the heel to the toes, and back and fourth again. You can also try placing your heel on the floor with the ball under the ball of your foot, and move your toes into an arch shape, moving your toes from left to right, and repeating that rainbow shaped motion. You will get a sense of what feels best for you, so you can play around with moving the ball around various areas of your foot and stick with what feels good for you.

Try it on one foot, then wiggle your toes around to see how that feels afterwards, then you can repeat rolling on the ball with the other foot.


Anne-Marie Mougeot, B.Sc. Kin., D.O.M.P.

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