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  • Anne-Marie Mougeot

5 Tips for All Weather Walking

🚶‍♂️The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology recommends that we get a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activities and several hours of light physical activities, including standing, while limiting sedentary time.


The days are short and dark.

The gyms are closed.

Cold Weather.





It’s easy to get stuck in a ‘blah’ rut when there are so many barriers to being active.

We also know that exercise provides us with so many benefits, including:

▪Pain relief

▪Bone health

▪Mood boosting

▪Increased energy levels

▪Reduce stress and tension

▪Strengthening the immune system

▪Improving cardiovascular fitness

▪Improved balance and coordination

▪Prevention or management of various chronic health conditions

And, when done outdoors, it’s one of the safer ways to socialize with our friends these days.

So, here are a few tips to help you to get moving, despite those perceived barriers.

🥾 Ice cleats

These are an amazing invention! I don’t even notice the ice when I use these and they are so lightweight I can store them in my pocket for those patches of clean paths.

Trekking Sticks

These can be used on their own, or in combination with ice cleats for added stability and taking the load off the legs. These can be a good option for those who are afraid of falling or have sore knees.

🌨 Warm, waterproof boots

A must, obviously, because cold, wet feet are never fun.


These can be a great option if you have the space, but do come at a higher financial cost. You may have some luck taking a peek at your local 'buy and sell' groups or keeping an eye out for sales. Alternatively, walking in malls or at the gym may be an option, though we are still in a pandemic and that may not be an option for those who do not feel safe or comfortable in those settings.

Walking At Home Programs

If going outdoors just doesn’t work for you, and if you don’t have access to a treadmill, there are many options for indoor, “Walking at Home” programs.

💻 Have a browse on YouTube to find a program that suits you, and remember to go at your own pace.

Do you find this time of the year makes it more challenging to get moving?

What are you doing these days to overcome the ‘movement blahs’?

Share your tips below! 👇

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