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Persistent Pain Management in Osteopathic Practice

For Osteopathic & Other Manual Therapists

Osteopathic practitioners are well-positioned towards implementing a biopsychosocial approach within the context of a pain science informed practice as it is already part of the osteopathic practice to treat the person as a whole, however most continuing education courses and educational institutions lack a modern day understanding of how pain works and still focus on a tissue-based model explanation of pain. 

This continuing education course combines the holistic philosophies of osteopathy with the latest research in pain neuroscience and informs practical clinical applications for the management of persistent pain from a biopsychosocial perspective, within the scope of osteopathic practice.

This course enables participants to reframe their way of addressing factors beyond the tissues that can significantly impact a person’s experience of pain. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the various mechanisms involved with persistent pain and learn evidence-informed treatment strategies to layer on top of their current osteopathic skill set. 

This live, 7.5-hour course is designed for osteopathic professionals who want to deepen their understanding of persistent pain and clinical skills to foster person-centered care. 

This continuing education course is targeted to osteopathic practitioners. Practitioners of other allied healthcare professions are also welcomed to attend.

Next course offering: Spring 2023

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